Welcome to my fan blog dedicated to the very talented and handsome Nils Allen Stewart Jr
also known as "Booboo." :) I hope you enjoy your visit to this tumblr.

Everything on this tumblr is edited by me. Please do not repost any of my photos/gifs.

***repost: to steal; to find my edit, save it, upload it on your tumblr, and post it without my consent (not to be confused with reblog)***

Once again, I am not Booboo Stewart.
I am just a fan.

rockourworldbooboo asked, "Great to see you're back on this account :) missed you! Can't wait for new edits ;)"

I’m still looking for a photoshop link for macs so I won’t be posting anything new quite yet. Hopefully soon though! I miss this blog :)

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Hi I miss updating this blog. Someone find me a download for photoshop on macs :(

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Hi everyone! I’ve had a number of people ask me on my personal, and this tumblr why I haven’t been updating my Booboo fan blog. I’m so sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. I recently got a new macbook and I don’t have photoshop on it. Hopefully I find a free link or something of that sort so I can start editing and posting again. Again, I am so sorry. I miss updating this blog! Have a lovely day my beautiful followers :) 

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I know most of you realized that I haven’t been posting much lately and I apologize again. Because of my small hiatus I’ve noticed that I lost a lot of followers but I’d like to thank those of you that stuck with me :) I’ll be posting more frequently again!

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Anonymous asked, "Booboo is attractive either way, but do you prefer him with short hair or his current long-ish hair?"

I prefer his short hair much more! It’s okay though, he still looks handsome :)

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